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Purchase the QUANTEC® System


Consisting of:

  • QUANTEC® software incl. all English database packages (with the exception of the following databases protected by external copyright: homeopathy acc. to Boericke, homeopathy RADAR keywords and minerals - encyclopaedia)

  • Rose quartz triangle 
    Optional: acrylic rose-quartz triangle (travelling triangle)

  • Diode with White Noise and gold clip

  • Free hotline service for 6 weeks

  • Intensive free introduction and installation



  • ExpertScan with module psychosomatic

  • Spinal column module (add-on for module psychosomatic)

  • Tooth module (add-on for module psychosomatic)

  • Reflexology module (add-on for psychosomatic)

  • Vacation module


Book a QUANTEC® Consultation:


Consisting of a Quantec® Bioscan, a copy of the subject’s HealingSheet emailed to you, and 3 hourly energy balancing transmissions for 30 consecutive days.



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