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QUANTEC®is the world leader in Instrumental Bio-Communication ​

Instrumental bio-communication: is the technique of building a physical device in such a way that it can simulate a biological system. The result: it can now receive information from other biological systems or pass it on to other systems. Biological organisms possess the ability to communicate with each other outside the realms of perception and measurement (bio-communication).


The interfaces: that enable a computer to communicate with biological systems are based partly on diodes that generate a white noise and partly on a process similar to the entanglement of twin photons.


The areas of application: for this technology are practically unlimited. QUANTEC® is currently the only device worldwide that has so successfully come to grips with these phenomena, long known to quantum physics, that they can purposefully be used in bio-communication.

QUANTEC®has properties that no other device has, either by itself or in this combination.

The White Noise Diode:

Quantec® is the most modern equipment with the greatest experience in using white noise diodes. All other devices on the market work with so-called pseudo random generators, which, as the name suggests, cannot interact with consciousness and morphic fields in the same way as the real generators. There are even scientific studies that show that the results obtained with Quantec® cannot be obtained at all without a White Noise Diode.

Twin Photons:

In addition to the scalar waves, Quantec® also transmits through a process that is based on the non-locality observed in quantum physics.

Automated Radionic Treatment:

Quantec®is currently the only device that can actually be proved to radiate target objects. Every therapy appointment is displayed on your screen and demonstrated before your very eyes.

Something Special:

Quantec® is now available in 13 languages, over 100,000 substances are available, it is the most widely sold computer-aided system in the area of instrumental biocommunication, and it is the first system of its kind to be considered by a German university as worthy of testing in a scientific study. Quantec® is quite simply something special . . .

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